Nanotechnology has the potential to transform our lives in much the same way as electricity or the internet already has. It will affect almost every aspect of our lives – from the medicines we use, the source of power for our computers, the food we eat, the cars we drive, the buildings we live in and the clothes we wear. More importantly, for every area where we can imagine an impact, there will be others no one has ever thought of – New capabilities, New products and New markets.

• Accompanying research o Exposure measurements o Social/ ethical aspects o Nanotoxicology
o Risk assessment research o Environmental/ workplace protection o Others

o Electron/ ion microscopy o High resolution optical microscopy o Nanoparticle characterisation
o Optical profilometry o Scanning probe microscopy o Spectroscopical surface analysis o Others

o Anti-reflex coatings o Anti-dirt/ anti-adhesive coatings o Biocompatibility o Decorative/ colour
o Hard coatings/ tribology o Corrosion protection o Photocatalytic coatings o Liquid phase deposition
o Gas phase/ vacuum deposition o Self-Assembling Monolayers o Other coating processes
o Other surface functionality


o Biocatalysis o Biomaterials o Biomimetics/ Bionics o Biosensors o Functional systems o Implants
o Molecular Imaging o Drug delivery/ -targeting o Others


o Power electronics o Magnetoelectronics/ spintronics o Molecular electronics o Nano-CMOS
o Phase change storage o Polymer electronics o Quantum information processing o Others • Nanomaterials
o Inorganic/organic hybrid materials o Biological materials o Ceramic composites/ glass o Carbon compounds
o Metals/ alloys o Metal oxides/ compounds o Nanostructured minerals o Nanofluids/ Micelles
o polymers/ polymer composites o Quantum Dots/ semiconductors o Supramolecular compounds
o Others


o Nanocapsules/ -pores o Nanoparticles/ -cluster o Nanoplatelets/ -flakes o Nanotubes/ -fibers/ -wires
o Others

o Semiconductor laserso LED/OLED o Metamaterials o Near field optics o Optical sensors
o Photonic crystals o Plasmonics o Ultra precision optics o Others


o Lithography o Mechanical processes o Nanoprint/-imprint o Selforganised structuring o Beam technologies
o Template processes o Ultraprecise surface engineering o Others

Nanosystems/ -sensors

o Molecular motors/ actors o Nano-/Mikro-Integration o Nanopositioning/ -manipulation o Nano reaction technology
o Nanosensors o Others